The Book Wonder By August Pullman

This book that are class has read. Is about a boy how was born with a deformity. That has kept him home schooled. But one day that changed. He thinks he’s a normal ordinary boy. But he’s not . When he first started school he met some children at the  school. There names where Julian , Charlotte  and Jack. Jack turned out to be Augusts best friend. They did. Every thing together but there was some miner fights but very thing turned out to be just fine.

Olympic Art

This week we did sketches of winter Olympic sports by someone posing in that sport then after that we did  Olympic Art and what we did to do it was we printed pictures of Winter Olympic people of 2014 and then we got a big piece  of paper and then we drew them in  circles and ovules of that person and we did it in the windows because we needed light. After that we colored them in with pastel.

disproportionate portraits:)



Proportion is when some picture is normal and then it is all silly and weird:) proportion is also when something is sized differently then a normal say stuffy or so.And that proportion is not always normal things like a barbie or something it is a strange version of you.what I would do  next time I think I would make it more clear then what I have now .